Product Design, UI/UX Design, Product Owner
Project Overview
Azarus is a digital gaming platform. The Company offers blockchain technology to connect players by giving credit that redeemable for tangible items. Azarus serves customers in the United States.

Azarus is the first platform enabling a new category of games that helps smart, passionate, community-driven broadcasters turn their streams in MMOs with interactive overlays.
My Contributions
During the past three years, Azarus evolved from a small Trivia overlay game on Twitch to a fully-functioning Web3 ecosystem with multiple overlay games, token, a store with 35+K game-related items, a user's wallet with on- and off-ramp functionality, and streamer's dashboard.

Azarus Overlay Games have generated over 4 million watch hours, distributing $2 million in prizes in the form of loyalty points and AzaCoin token redeemable in the Azarus Store.

Azarus supported and launched ads campaigns with Ubisoft and Logiteck. Run campaigns for the Assasin's Creed, For Honor, WoT, Valorant, League of Legends and other games.
Pioneer of Overlay Games
Senior UI/UX, Product Owner
Since Apr 2020 
Users watch their fav livestreams, play overlay games with other fans and get rewards in the form of blockchain-based tokens.
The new crypto-native Azarus Web3 platfom was designed and built at about half of a year!
Streamers got access to their earnings with AzaCoins. Host game sessions using their channel’s community mostly on TwitchStreamer Communities Gain full ownership of their rewards as AzaCoin is distributed directly to a winner’s offering full control to redeem prizes purchase digital assets on the Azarus Marketplace

Brands run and sponsor games for streamers using Azarus as part of their ads campaigns.